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Lymphatic / Enzyme FACIALS


Restore the skin to its optimal function for increased and long-lasting age management with this detoxifying enzyme therapy. Perfect for the most sensitive skins to acne Enzyme masks can be tailored to your specific needs. Available in different strengths this firming mask stimulates blood flow and increases lymph movement to eliminate toxins and strengthen the structural integrity, leaving your skin healthy and visibly firmer. Revitalising tired, stressed skin.  Taking your skin to the next level. Get Glowing – It’s your time to shine!

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Revive & Lift

exfoliant | enzyme | oxygen | led

Enzyme and lymphatic facials are the perfect facial for even the most sensitive skins. Available in different strengths, these facials are designed to work on both lifting away dead surface layers of skin and different compression levels to stimulate nutrients & blood flow. Both, that can add to making our skin look dull and lifeless. Strong compression is used in Detox & Firm to really stimulate fresh blood flow and nutrients to the skin. Instantly brightening & lifting even the most sensitive skins. Strong compression can feel like a ‘pulsing’ feeling, in a continuous rhythmic motion for 30-45mins.

Enzymes work on the surface layer of the skin by digesting the intracellular glue that connects your dead skin cells together, allowing any build-up of unwanted cells to slough off. It is a favourable method of exfoliation, particularly for sensitive skin types, as unlike other harsher chemical exfoliants and scrubs. The enzymes work only on dead surface skin cells leaving healthy living cells completely intact and harm free. This results in highly effective exfoliation without the irritation or damage that other forms of exfoliants can create. Your skin will feel brighter, clearer, smoother and more even lifted. Allowing better absorption of other ingredients. Enzyme & Lymphatic facials are a powerful rejuvenation with no downtime.

NOURISH TRADITIONAL FACIAL by Beauty on Rose Essendon Melbourne



  • Gentle and effective exfoliation
  • Removes unwanted buildup
  • Smooths and brightens complexion
  • Pregnancy safe
  • Great for sensitive or damaged skins
  • Allows for better absorption of active ingredients and hydration, leading to increased results.


Who are enzyme & lymphatic facials best suited to?

Everyone! Especially those with sensitive and impaired skins. The different strength of compression allows us to tailor these facials to all skin concerns. From helping to remove stagnant in acne skins. To lifting and firming more mature skins. Your skin will feel brighter, smoother and more vibrant post facial.

How often should I get an enzyme & lymphatic facial?

How often you will need an enzyme & lymphatic facial depends on your primary concerns. We would generally recommend a few in short succession to begin with to jump start your routine. However these facials are often used in conjunction with other advanced facials to stimulate and move blood flow to the cells. Your skin expert will be able to determine what is best for you and your skin once an analysis has taken place, they will then be able discuss all treatment options and timeframes with you.

Will there be down time?

Most of our enzyme & lymphatic facial require no downtime, however dependent on individual skin if you are undergoing treatment in combination with our higher strength peels and other combinations, there can be slight downtime involving minor flaking or peeling. This will all be explained by your skin expert prior to treatment.