spray tanning

We get that one tan simply does not fit all and that is why we have created the Beauty on Rose “tanning studio”. Allowing you to get the exact tan that you want, with results that meet your tanning expectations! So no matter what you are looking for , super subtle for a tanning newbie, or darker options for the tan-a -holic we have you covered.


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No two skins are ever alike so have your tan personalised by our highly skilled therapists to deliver a natural radiant glow. Our tanning studio is dedicated to delivering amazing results and allowing you the flexibility to choose your brand and your tan to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

A traditional overnight tan providing a subtle hint of colour that leaves you with a natural looking, fresh, healthy glow all over.

A fast-developing tan that allows you to be sun-kissed FAST with minimal downtime. Perfect for special occasions and events. Develops in 1-4 hours.


What should I do to prepare myself for a tanning service?

For the most seamless, natural & long lasting tan it is important for you skin to be hydrated and free from dead skin build up. We therefore recommend that you moisturise daily leading up to your appointment and exfoliate your skin 1-2 days beforehand. On the day of your appointment we ask that your skin is clean and free from any deodorants, perfumes, moisturisers etc. as any substances on the skin may interact with colour of the tan. Dark, loose clothing is favourable to bring to change into once your tanning service is complete, preventing any staining of your clothes or impression lines in your tan. 

What should I know leaving my appointment?

You will be unable to get your skin wet for multiple hours after your appointment allowing the tan to develop its colour properly, so make sure those dishes are done and plants are watered prior to coming in! Sweating should also be avoided to ensure an even tan. Keeping your skin hydrated in the days following your tan will increase the longevity of your tan. Your therapist will discuss timing and aftercare instructions with you in full during your service.

Is spray tanning pregnancy safe?

Most women are happy to have spray tans during pregnancy as the DHA formula is non-toxic and interacts with the outermost layer of the skin without penetrating it or entering the blood stream. 

However we always recommend seeking permission from your doctor if concerned