laser hair removal

At Beauty on Rose, we use a hair removal system for treatment of this distressing problem and attainment of permanent hair reduction.



Lip or Chin $39
Lip & Chin $69

Sides of Face  $49
Nipple  $39
Stomach  $59
Underarm  $59 
Half Arm $79 
Full Arm $109 
Half Leg $99 
3/4 Leg $129
Full Leg $139
Bikini $59 
G-String Bikini $89 
Brazilian $129 
Buttocks $59

1/2 Leg, Brazilian $199

1/2 Leg, Brazilian & Underarm $229
Full Leg, Bikini & Underarm $229 
Full Leg & G-String Bikini $269 
Full Leg & Brazilian $299

Neck $59

Nostrils or Ears $39

Full Back or Chest $ Shoulders $199

Shoulders $69

Full Leg $149

Laser hair removal offers a practical, durable and cost-effective treatment solution for both men and women.

Whilst laser hair removal is popular among women, the demand for the treatment among men is ever-increasing. Laser hair removal continues to be the number one requested energy-based aesthetic treatment.

Only using medical grade FDA & TGA approved Candela GentleMax Pro system, which is the most advanced and effective laser for hair removal in the world.

The Candela GentleLase Pro system is a 755 nm alexandrite laser, which can treat a wide range of skin types. Although it can be used for a variety of skin conditions, its main application is for laser hair removal. It does so by destroying the hair follicle rather than simply weakening it (which is what happens with other hair removal methods such as waxing and IPL/Diode treatments). Fast, effective and safe results mean that permanent hair removal is achievable using our world class laser.


What do I need to do prior to having a laser hair removal service?

A skin consultation must be booked and take place prior to your hair removal appointment – It is a complimentary service that will run for approximately 30 minutes allowing us to understand your full medical history and also perform a patch test on the area, this is done so that we can provide the safest and most effective treatment possible for you. 

Is laser hair removal safe?

Yes, at Beauty on Rose we use only medical grade FDA & TGA approved Candela GentleMax Pro system, along with full trained operators in order to ensure the safest treatments possible.  However, pregnant women and people that suffer from photo sensitive conditons such as epilepsy are contraindicated to this treatment. 

What to expect after a laser hair removal treatment?

You may experience slight redness, swelling and small bumps to the area post laser treatment, this will usually subside within 24 hours. Lotions/moisturisers/deodorants, tight clothing, excessive sweating, saunas ect. should be avoided  for 24/48 hours post treatment. SPF must be applied daily and sun exposure must be avoided for 2 weeks. Your therapist will thoroughly discuss and provide you with all the aftercare during your consultation.