oxygen infusion

Oxygen therapy is the ultimate treatment for any special occasion or simply to reclaim your youthful glow. It works by infusing pure oxygen and customised serums filled with powerful ingredients deep into the skin. Instantly giving your skin a hydration boost and radiant glow. A favourite amongst celebrities, these treatments provide instant results. Skin is left plumped and visibly hydrated with reduced fine lines and a brightened complexion – perfect for those special occasion events.

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Skin Elixir

Micro, Peel, Oxygen Infusion, LED

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  • Skin is instantly hydrated
  • Skin is plumper & smoother
  • Perfect for prior to special events

Breathe life back into a fatigued complexion with oxygen therapy. This machine sprays a cool mist of Hyaluronic Acid over your entire face which is then worked into the skin with a targeted cool spray (compressed oxygen). Infusing these nutrient rich products into your skin. Oxygen therapy is often combined with other layers creating a multiple approach system, leaving you with glowing, hydrated skin – Skin Elixir & Revive+Lift. Your skin will be visibly hydrated and plump. Perfect for those with a special event those that want to look their best.


Who are oxygen facials best suited to?

Everyone!! We infuse Hyaluronic Acid which helps to hydrate & plump the skin. These facials are best when layered with other approaches for a comprehensive facial.

How often should I get an exfoliating facial?

You can have oxygen facials as often as you like. Traditionally we would see people every 4 weeks when combined with other layers in your facial. However if just having an oxygen infusion you could have this done as close as every week!

Will there be down time?

Nope, you’ll leave an oxygen facial glowing. However sometimes when combined with other layers, especially a few there might be some slight redness and shedding depending on your lifestyle & skin type.