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Skin Needling

Skin needling stimulates cell regeneration and increases your natural collagen production delivering highly visible and long-lasting results. Best used to correct pigmentation, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smooth and tighten skin, brighten a dull complexion and reduce scarring. Delivers rapid results with next to no downtime, there may be some redness to get there but we promise it’s worth it!


Skin Needling is the use of micro needles on a medical grade pen that is moved over the skin to create tiny, evenly-spaced punctures on the skin. These micro-punctures go through the skin with minimal damage to the upper epidermal layer, but creates a microscopic, generally painless injury to the deeper dermal layer. The minor injury triggers a “wound-healing” response in the skin. This results in an increased collagen, elastin and growth factor production, completely remodelling and regenerating the skin.


Before booking in for this treatment a skin needling consultation must take place. This will allow your therapist to gather all the necessary information about you and your skin in order for them to create the best possible treatment plan for you. During this consultation, skin imaging utilising our state of the art OBSERV machine will take place, allowing your therapist to analyse the deeper layers of your skin. We will talk through any questions or concerns you may have regarding the treatment during this appointment.

Lie back and relax in one of our large, cosy, treatment beds, while we pamper your skin, starting off with a clinical double cleanse of your face, neck and decolletage. Your therapist will then use a medical grade needling device to treat the entirety of your face. This process can be tingly and hot to the skin, however it is over with reasonably quickly. On completion, your therapist will clean your skin, removing any residue from the needling and will apply a cooling, healing gel and reparative oil to your skin.

This treatment requires a medium level of downtime post treatment. Your skin will feel red, hot, tight and dry for 1-3 days (similar to a sunburn) after this, you may experience slight shedding or micro-crusting for up to 5 days. If underlying congestion is present you may experience some breakouts as the treatment helps to eliminate these trapped toxins. Pigmentation may rise and become darker in appearance before it sheds off and clears your complexion. Exercise, saunas and swimming pools must be avoided post treatment and SPF must be worn and reapplied daily. Your skin barrier will be slightly impaired for some time after the treatment and you will use and reapply a reparative serum as often as needed in order to heal and nurse your skin back to health. You will notice results within 3 weeks of having the treatment, however, best results are seen 3 months post treatment as your skin works to rejuvenate itself, revealing a firmer, smoother, healthier appearance.

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