Teen Facials

Targeted Acne Treatment | Pore-Cleansing Extractions | Guidance on Skincare

“Break Out Freak Out”, exclusively tailored for our teenage clientele at Beauty on Rose! We understand that teenage skin can be unpredictable, with sudden breakouts and blemishes that can wreak havoc on self-confidence. Our specialized 30-minute treatment is designed to address these concerns and provide a boost of confidence to help teenagers shine.

teen facial

Targeted Acne Treatment: A dedicated session focusing on cleansing and treating the specific zones that are more prone to breakouts.

Balancing Act: Our expert therapists use products that balance out the oil and moisture content, ensuring the skin doesn’t feel stripped but refreshed.

Pore-Cleansing Extractions: Safe and effective removal of blackheads and impurities, paving the way for clearer skin.

Guidance on Skincare: We not only treat but also guide our teen guests on maintaining a daily skincare regime that is simple yet effective.


  • Boosted Self-Esteem: Clearer skin can lead to heightened confidence during these transformative years.
  • Educational Experience: Learn the basics of skincare and understand the unique requirements of teenage skin.
  • Stress Relief: Our serene spa environment is the perfect place to unwind from the pressures of school, social life, and other teenage challenges.
  • Perfect Introduction to Skincare: A foundational experience that can guide future skincare choices and habits.
Teen boy facial