spa treatments

Step into a Luxury urban Spa Retreat. Stay as long as you like without a care in the world in this first class lounge environment. Completely secluded from the outside world, cocoon yourself in our Spa rituals, signature spa packages, spa facials, massage - fully equipped with Vichy showers, steam rooms, twin rooms and more... the perfect ME-time, great for yourself or gift someone an indulgent and relaxing experience.

RELAX MASSAGE by Beauty-on-Rose-Essendon-Melboure

Relaxation Massage

Treat yourself with a full-body massage that melts your stress away. With the use of aromatic essential oil, you would feel relax from head to toe.

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Allow yourself to drift away with a delux relaxation massage, utilising warm oils to melt away your stress and muscular tensions. This full body massage is complete with an aromatherapy sensory journey which will be customised to you individually from the beginning and incorporated throughout your treatment, resulting in the ultimate relaxation experience for mind, body and soul.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE by-Beauty-on-Rose-Essendon-Melboure

deep pressure massage

Allow your therapist to work their magic alleviating pain and tension from knots and overworked muscles and joints. Utilising deep pressures in targeted areas of concern, combined with the warming and relieving sensations of peppermint and clove essential oils, your therapist will knead and stretch away your aches and pain.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE RELAX MASSAGE-by-Beauty-on-Rose-Essendon-Melboure

pregnancy massage

During pregnancy, women tend to get anxious or develop health problems. Take a moment to nourish your body and ease muscle tension with our deluxe full-body pregnancy massage. It is designed specifically to safely meet the needs of pregnant women by relieving muscular aches, soothing joint pain, and improving mobility. This massage is nurturing and deeply relaxing.

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hot stone massage

Enjoy this deeply relaxing warm massage with aromatic essential oil and hot stones. This will help ease and relax muscle tension and stiffness, and increase blood flow as they glide over your body.

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scrub and exfoliation

Scrubs and exfoliation work to remove dead skin cells on the surface layer of the skin and speed up cell turnover to restore a smoother, healthier, brighter skin. It eliminates cellular debris that may causes blockages within the pores and build up that may inhibit the efficacy of other active ingredients and moisturises applied to the skin for nourishment.

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dry brush

Detoxify and exfoliate your skin through dry brushing. The brush firm bristles will gently stimulate your pores, and exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, thus, improves your skin’s health. Not only that, but it also can stimulate circulation.

mud mask

Mud masks are renowned for their rich delivery of essential vitamins and minerals to the skin. They help to remove impurities and unclog pores while improving the barrier function and reducing inflammation to dry and irritated skin. Your skin will be clearer, healthier, brighter and soothed.

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foot scrub

Your tired feet need not to be treated the least. Your feet will bathe in a dreamy warm foot soak as your therapist massages a velvety scrub rhythmically into your feet and lower legs, buffing off dead skin build up as it smooths, hydrates and softens the surface of your skin.


steam room

Experience your private oasis where you will be pampered from head to toe while reaping the benefits of warm and detoxifying steam. You will feel relaxed on a cushioned stone bed while your therapist massages, exfoliates, and cocoons your entire body in a velvety mud mask. The steam will allow for toxin elimination from your body while deeply cleansing and opening your pores, leaving you completely relaxed, rejuvenated, and reenergized.

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vichy shower

In our vichy shower bed, you will be pampered from head to toe as your therapist massages, exfoliates and hydrates your skin, while you are reaping the benefits of warm and detoxifying steam that will seep up through the surface from which you lay. On the completion of your body treatment, the lid of the vichy shower bed will be closed over your body where multiple jets of warm water will delicately shower you off in a massaging rhythm.