waxing services

At Beauty on Rose, we provide you with the most professional, hygienic and precision waxing methods available. Our therapists are qualified and experienced waxing professionals that regularly receive on-going training to ensure your hair removal results are second-to-none. We guarantee it!



Lip  $16
Chin  $16 
Side of Face  $25
Nipple  $20
Stomach  $24 
Underarm  $26 
Half Arm $31 
Full Arm $38 
Half Leg $39 
3/4 Leg $48
Full Leg $55
Bikini $28 
G-String Bikini $45 
Brazilian $60 
Buttocks $20

Lip & Chin $27
Lip & Brow Wax $36
Face (3 areas) $42 
Face (4 areas) $59 
1/2 Leg & Brazilian $83 
1/2 Leg, Brazilian & Underarm $95
Full Leg, Bikini & Underarm $83 
Full Leg & G-String Bikini $90 
Full Leg & Brazilian $100

Legs $55 
Full Back or Chest & Shoulders $49 
Shoulders $24 
Neck $24 
Nostril $16 
Ears $16


Will I be red afterwards?

Depending on your skin, clients usually experience slight redness to the areas that have been treated immediately after a waxing appointment, this generally subsides within minutes, or at maximum a couple of hours post treatment. (If in the facial region it can be covered with makeup if necessary)

Will the hair grow back worse than before?

No, waxing does not cause the hair regrowth to increase or get thicker. Clients will sometimes notice an improvement to the regrowth over time through waxing.

Does waxing hurt?

The hair is removed from the root when waxing is performed, which can entail mild discomfort, however it is over with quickly and results will last significantly longer than other forms of hair removal, such a shaving or hair removal cream.