Skin needling stimulates cell regeneration and increases your natural collagen production delivering highly visible and long lasting results. Best used to correct pigmentation, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smooth and tighten skin, brighten a dull complexion and reduce scarring. Delivers rapid results with next to no downtime, there may be some redness to get there but we promise it’s worth it!





skin needling



LED, Skin Needling and Decolletage, sheet Mask

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skin needling

  • Creates natural, enhanced collagen production, less fine lines & wrinkles (natural botox alternative)
  • Brighter, even skin tone & complexion
  • Reduce pore size
  • Strengthening and tightening of skin
  • Reduce appearance of stretch marks
  • Repair blemish marks (PIHP)
  • Assist with acne scarring appearance

Skin Needling uses micro needles on a medical grade pen that is moved over the skin to create tiny, evenly-spaced punctures on the skin. These micro-punctures go through the skin with minimal damage to the upper epidermal layer, but creates a microscopic, generally painless injury to the deeper dermal layer. The minor injury triggers a “wound-healing” response in the skin. This results in an increased collagen, elastin and growth factor production, completely remodelling and regenerating the skin. We take skin needling serious and always use fresh sterile equipment & tools for your treatment.


Who are skin needling facials best suited to?

Honestly everyone! Skin needling can be targeted in such a way that it can treat all skin concerns from active acne, scanning, pigmentation, rosacea, ageing skin, thickened skin. It is such a great treatment for all skin concerns. As no heat is involved is it perfect for those with heat stimulated skin conditions.

How often should I get a skin needling facial?

This will depend on the type of treatment & concerns you are trying to target. Epidermal treatments can be done every 2-4 weeks with dermal treatments can be preformed every 6-8 weeks. Often this can be preformed with a traditional facial in-between the skin needling for optimal results.

I only want to have one treatment is that ok?

Yes, that is completely fine. However, we take skin needling serious (as it should be) so we will still preform a complimentary consultation prior to the treatment to ensure this is the correct treatment for you and your skin concerns. Our protocol are to have you on the correct products pre & post treatment to ensure your skin is in optimal health, to get you the best possible results even from 1 treatment.

Will there be down time?

Yes, but its minimal! Treatments that are traditionally epidermal have minimal downtime with only flushing and light flaking to the skin for a few days. Dermal treatments (which are preformed deeper in the skin) often give amazing results. Downtime can be a sunburnt sensation for 24-48 hours. Makeup can be applied from this time. Light micro-crusting + minimal flaking & shedding for 1-2 week. Makeup can be applied over the top during this period.

We recommend speaking with your skin therapist to ensure enough time is left between special events & skin needling appointments.

Will skin needling hurt?

Short answer, its not going to be your go to treatment for relaxation but we promise the results as worth the momentary pain. Vibrations and the speed which the needles move do help in minimizing some pain however there are areas like forehead and lip that can hurt slightly more than cheeks and decolletage. We promise the whole treatment is over relatively quick and the results are definitely worth the natural collagen & plumping it creates. 

When will I see results?

You will see results in 3 weeks, with best results seen at the 3month mark. As the collagen that your body has produced starts to mature you will see results from 1 treatment upto 2 years in the skin. We recommend a course of treatment together for best results. 

Who cant have skin needling?

There are a few skin conditions and medications that can’t have skin needling. We provide a complimentary consultation prior to your skin needling appointment to ensure you get the absolutely best treatment possible.