Hydrate & Tone

Traditional, Neck & Shoulder Massage

The ultimate facial experience to effectively combat the signs of ageing whilst delivering maximum relaxation. The skin is deeply cleansed, exfoliated and nourished with hydrating serums and antioxidants, while you surrender your stress to our relaxing neck and shoulder massage. Total Bliss!
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Enzyme Mask – Enzyme exfoliation involves gently lifting away dead layers of skin and toxic build up that may be blocking your pores or causing you to have a dull, uneven complexion. These enzymes work by digesting the intracellular glue that’s connects your dead skin cells together, allowing any build up of unwanted cells to slough off. It is a favourable method of exfoliation, particularly for sensitive skin types as, unlike other harsher chemical exfoliants and scrubs the enzymes work only on dead skin cells, leaving healthy living cells completely intact and harm free. This in turn results in highly effective exfoliation without the irritation or damage that many other forms of exfoliants can create. You’re skin will feel be brighter, clearer, smoother and more even, allowing for better absorption of other ingredients. 

Facial Massage – Helps to lift and firm as it increases blood circulation aiding in vital nutrients and energy being delivered to your cells for a healthier skin, while  stimulating your lymphatic system for toxin elimination. A highly relaxing process that will allow you to melt into our cosy beds.


Dual Mask application – Gives your skin the ultimate boost with 2 customised masks chosen by your skin expert specifically to treat your individual skin. Feeding it the nutrients it is lacking while stimulating the correction of your concerns. 


Neck, Shoulder & Scalp Massage – Allow yourself to drift away with a deluxe neck, shoulder & scalp massage, utilising nourishing oils to melt away your stress and muscular tensions, resulting in the ultimate relaxation experience for mind, body and soul.


At Beauty on Rose, we listen to your skin and make sure we tailor our treatments according to your unique needs. We request that you arrive 10 minutes before your allocated appointment to allow time for you to complete and sign our consultation form. This will help us gain a better understanding of your individual skin concerns. Before commencing the treatment we will discuss and assess the current state of your skin and medical history. If you are visiting us for the first time, it is highly recommended that you book in for a Skin, Scan, Plan prior to your first treatment. This will take an additional 40 minutes and the cost is completely redeemable towards any Defy skincare products of your choice.  Please wait 24 hours post having facial waxing, IPL or a laser treatment to book in for this service.

Lie back and relax in one of our large, cosy, treatment beds, while we pamper your skin, starting off with a gentle double cleanse of your face, neck and decolletage. Your therapist will then analyse your skin, allowing them to make informed decisions on which products and ingredients will be best suited to target your specific concerns. We will proceed to exfoliating your skin, removing dead skin build up and debris within the surface layers. This will brighten your complexion and help to reduce pore blockages. Next, a luxurious facial massage will be preformed with the use of a jade stone roller, which will gently roll over the skin using lymphatic drainage techniques. If extractions are required, your therapist will steam your skin in order to loosen the pores and begin extraction/or mild removal. A mask will then be professionally chosen to nourish your skin according to your concerns, and this will be left treating the skin for approximately 10 minutes while you receive a relaxing scalp, neck, and shoulder massage. Once the mask is removed, we will pamper your skin with layers of serum, eye cream, moisturiser and spf, all carefully tailored by your skin therapist according to your individual skin needs. You will surely love this nourishing traditional facial with relaxing massage here at Beauty on Rose Essendon, Melbourne.

This treatment requires no downtime and our clients usually notice a fresher, healthier appearance within their skin immediately after their treatment. However to maintain your results, you are advised to schedule an appointment every 4-6 weeks, as the layers of the skin generally grow and die off at monthly intervals. In order to prolong and maintain skin health between appointments, following a quality and consistent homecare routine including SPF is imperative. Our friendly skin therapists are equipped with a wealth of knowledge and will be be able to support and guide you along the way.

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