EXTRACTION technique

Relax with our deep cleansing traditional facials, designed to nourish and hydrate your skin. Your therapist can target these treatments to your specific needs, including extractions of black + whiteheads & milia. While your customised mask is infusing into your skin. You’ll receive a decadent neck & shoulder massage providing that touch of pleasure after the uncomfortable-ness of extractions. We would recommend starting with a shorter version for teens or first-time having extractions. Multiple treatments may be required to remove all impurities depending on depth, location & quantity.

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TREATMENTS WITH Extraction elements

Lymphatic FACIAL MASSAGE by Beauty on Rose Essendon Melbourne


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Hydrate & Tone


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Detox & Tighten

lymphatic mask

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extraction Facial

  • Clearer/smoother complexion
  • Prevents future breakouts
  • Improved product absorption

Extractions involve the process of physically removing excess or oxidised sebum and dead skin cells/debris from a clogged pore. There are multiple techniques that can be utilized for extractions, however we will aim to loosen and soften the pore before squeezing the pore edges tightly together, moving in an upwards motion in order dislodge any impurities held within. Alternatively, a medical grade lance may be utilised in some cases to create an opening from which the build up can then be pushed out of, this method is mainly used when extracting Milia. We aim to remove as many as possible in the treatment however we may not be able to removal all of them within 1 treatment due to depth, location and quantity.


Who are extraction facials best suited to?

Anyone that is concerned with black & whiteheads (Open & closed Comedones) or milia. We will do our best to get out as many as possible within the facial. However multiple treatments may be required.

How often should I get an extraction facial?

How often you need to get an extraction facial depends on your specific skin. We may require multiple treatments to remove all black & whiteheads (Open & closed Comedones) or milia. Products and supplements are highly recommended to avoid recurrence in the future.  Talk to your skin therapist to work out the best solution for your individual needs.

Will there be down time?

There may be a little bit of pinkness around the extraction however this should subside relatively quickly. We combine extractions with a tailored mask to reduce redness in the skin.