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Extractions involve the process of removing excess or oxidised sebum and dead skin cells/debris from a clogged pore. There are multiple techniques that can be utilized for extractions, however commonly they will aim to loosen and soften the pore before squeezing the pore edges tightly together, moving in an upwards motion in order dislodge any impurities held within. Alternatively a medical grade lance may be utilised in some cases to create an opening from which the build up can then be pushed out of, this method is mainly used when extracting Milia.


extraction Facial

  • Clearer/smoother complexion
  • Prevents future breakouts
  • Improved product absorption


A calming facial designed to treat acne, reduce redness, decongest and clarify. A highly effective treatment combined with targeted extractions will leave your skin clean, healthy and clear.


Combat acne and congestion with this antibacterial facial without compromising the health or integrity of the skin. Beta hydroxy acids, high frequency therapy and targeted Blue light therapy combine to draw out impurities without compromising hydration or stripping the skin.



Why can’t I squeeze my own black heads/pimples?

Squeezing your own pimples and blackheads can be detrimental to your skin, often you will not be using the correct techniques or accompanying ingredients and can cause severe trauma to the skin which may result in scarring, infection and inflammation.

Are extractions painful?

Extractions won’t be painful as such, although, depending on the depth of build-up and the tightness of the pore extractions can sometimes be slightly uncomfortable, however your therapist will prepare your skin and utilise techniques that make the process as seamless as possible.

What will my face look like after having extractions performed?

It will depend on the severity of the imperfection extracted, some people look and feel normal post extractions, some will be slightly reddened from pressure (however this will subside shortly after), and some may experience the appearance of an enlarged pore post extraction- as the build up that has been removed was stretching the pore. This will usually shrink back down sometime after extraction as it is no longer being wedged open.

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