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Skin Tightening

If you are unhappy with loose or wrinkled skin, laser skin tightening may be able to help. By stimulating your body’s natural healing processes, laser skin tightening can rejuvenate your face arms, and other areas of loose, excess skin without surgery.

Young, elastic skin depends on high amounts of structural proteins such as collagen and elastin. These proteins help your skin resist permanent changes such as stretching, folding, or wrinkling. As we age, our bodies produce less of these structural proteins, making our skin more prone to show signs of age, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Laser skin tightening stimulates your body to produce more structural proteins, primarily collagen, to restore your skin’s natural elasticity. It does this by creating a slight thermal injury in your skin that stimulates the skin’s healing response, resulting in firmer, tighter skin.