THREADS - Matrix PDO Mono Threads

Mono threads are smooth singular filaments which are inserted into the skin becomming a supportive mesh-like structure for your face in areas of concern, giving you a significantly tightened appearance and allowing natural collagen production to take place. Your skin will in turn feel smoothed and tightened, repositioning facial and neck tissue to restore and rejuvenate youthful appearances.

Cosmetic Injector Essendon

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With our resident cosmetic nurse

Our highly experienced medical nurse has a signature approach at Beauty on Rose, so your unique skin & aesthetic challenges are addressed effectively for the best results possible and the most beautiful skin of your life.


  • Minimally invasive alternative to facial lifting surgeries
  • Minimal downtime, firms and tightens the skin
  • Successfully treats fine lines/wrinkles, crepey skin, crows feet, tear troughs, nasolabial folds, jaw lines, smokers lines, neck lines, etc.


How many threads will be inserted and what happens to them?

Depending on what the desired end point is and what part of the face/neck we are treating anywhere between 1-15 threads may be used in 1 area. These threads will promote the natural growth of collagen and elastin while supporting the skin and eventually be absorbed overtime by the body.

How long does it take to see results from a mono thread treatment and how long do they last?

You may notice some results immediately after your treatment. However, results will be seen in full effect approximately 12 weeks post procedure and continued improvement over the next 6 months. The longevity of the results varies from individual to individual depending on lifestyle factors, etc. Although generally anywhere between 12-18 months.

Does it hurt getting mono threads inserted?

Minimal discomfort will be experienced during the procedure as your cosmetic nurse will apply topical anesthetic to ensure comfort throughout. You may have a feeling of slight tightness and tenderness in the following days however there is rarely downtime and this will subside within a week post procedure.