Anti Wrinkle

Rediscover Youthful Radiance with Beauty on Rose

Embrace the power of Anti-Wrinkle treatments and defy the signs of aging with Beauty on Rose. Our customized solutions harness the latest botulinum toxin technologies, ensuring a fresh and natural appearance that celebrates you.


  • Frontalis (Forehead)
  • Glabella (Frown)
  • Orbicularis Oculis (Crows feet)
  • Nasalis (Bunny Lines)
  • LLSAN (Gummy Smile)
  • Orbicularis Oris (Lip Flip)
  • Mentalis (Chin) 
  • DAO (Sad Face)
  • Masseters (Jawline slimming & Teeth Grinding Treatment)
  • Hyperhidrosis Treatment (reduce excessive sweating)
The cost of an anti-wrinkle treatments may vary between individuals. The factors that need to be considered between individuals include the area being treated, muscle strength and the desired outcome. Prices listed are based on the standard dosing for the areas. Additional quantities may be required to achieve the desired result.


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    • Minimally Invasive: No surgery, no problem.
    • Quick Results: See a smoother, younger-looking you in no time.
    • Little Discomfort: Gentle procedures with minimal downtime.
    • Preventive and Corrective: Address and prevent signs of aging.
    • Enhance Features: Perfect the shape and volume of your facial features.
    • Boost Confidence: Feel renewed, inside and out.


Do cosmetic injectables hurt?
Only mild discomfort. Extremely fine needles minimize pain.

How often do I need treatments?
Toxin injections last 3-6 months, dermal fillers 6-12 months, depending on individual needs.

Will I look different?
Your cosmetic nurse tailors treatments to enhance your natural beauty, aligning with your preferences and needs. We aim to bring forward your best self, not change who you are.