Facial Therapy

Performance Upgrades

From $30

THE PERFECT PARTNER TO ANY FACIAL Microdermabrasion | $50 LED Light Therapy | $50 Oxygen Infusion From | $30 Higher…

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Cellular Renewal


Combining active skin science with botanical intelligence results in this cellular renewal masterpiece. Delivering superior anti-ageing results this highly effective…

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The Classic Facial

From $95

This classic facial treatment delivers a completely customised skin therapy to address individual concerns. Our team of dedicated therapists will…

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S.O.S. Purify


This high performance facial offers a deep cleanse action to refresh the skin and clear congestion. A classic purification facial…

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Back Restore


This deep cleansing back purification treatment combats acne and skin blemishes on the back and neck. A stimulating exfoliation will…

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