Advanced Facial Therapy



This is a gentle method of deeply exfoliating the skin. A surgical blade is worked over the face removing the…

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LED – Light Therapy


The deep penetrating lights target skin cells to intensify their functions, stimulate blood flow and promote quick skin healing. LED…

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Luxe RF Rejuvenation


Our most advanced skin rejuvenation treatment! Firm & resurface This treatment produces optimal results reviving your skins youthful appearance in…

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Red Carpet Ready


Utilising infrared technology red carpet ready lifts, stimulates and tightens skin to achieve a luminous, toned, glowing skin. Ideal for…

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RF Rejuvenation


A new kind of safe and effective cosmetic technology that utilises the power of fractionated bi-polar radiofrequency. Works to deeply…

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Vascular Therapy


Vascular therapy is for you! Treating the superficial vessels which congregate below the surface of the skin (tiny red, blue…

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Vitamin Infusion


This go-to facial is specifically tailored to infuse a powerful dose of vitamins and anti-oxidants to revitalise a tired and…

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Chemical Peels


Reveal fresher, brighter skin with our advanced range of cosmeceutical skin peels. From mild entry level to corrective targeted powerhouse…

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Skin Needling


The definitive skin repair for supreme anti-aging results. Integrating Collagen Induction therapy this powerful treatment stimulates cell regeneration and collagen…

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Photo Rejuvenation


This one’s for the sun lovers. For sunspot removal and the correction of pigmentation, uneven skin texture, broken capillaries, or…

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Oxygen Elixir


The most intensive oxygen therapy available on the market today, this must have treatment is the ultimate preparation for any…

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Skin Elixir


Harnessing the best technology has to offer this customised facial blends high performance machinery with results driven skin care designed…

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Oxygen Rejuvenation


Drench your dehydrated skin with this amazing oxygen infusion to intensely hydrate and freshen the skin. The perfect ‘special event’…

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Radiate your skin with this advanced technology, utilising Diamond Head microdermabrasion to remove the congested cells from the surface of…

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Skin, Scan, Plan


PLANNING + PHOTO JOURNEY Your skin care journey starts with a thorough skin analysis. An in-depth consultation with one of…

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Skin, Scan, Plan & Peel


PLANNING + PHOTO JOURNEY A thorough skin analysi,. An in-depth consultation with one of our skin experts goes further than…

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