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infrared sauna

Differing from traditional saunas, infrared saunas warm your body from within, rather than through the use of external hot air, leaving you to enjoy the sauna experience without humidity and steam.

Remove toxins with our luxury infrared sauna that can comfortably accomodate up to two people at a time so you can share this experience with a loved one or friend.

Each session is comfortable and relaxing and is a great way to reduce stress! Infrared saunas are also recognized for their mood enhancing and immune boosting effects as a result of endorphins released.

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float pods

Enjoy your own private oasis where you will be pampered from top to toe while reaping the benefits of warm and detoxifying steam. You will relax on a cushioned stone bed while your therapist performs treatments such as, massages, exfoliates and cocoons your entire body in a velvety mud mask. The steam will allow for toxin elimination from your body while deeply cleansing and opening your pores, leaving you completely relaxed, rejuvenated and re-energized.

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lightstim led bed

Completely energize and revitalise your every cell or even treat injury with our full body LED bed. Experience luxury from start to finish. Prepare yourself to disconnect from the world before stepping into lavish pampering in our spa lounge area. This nook is also perfect for lounging and enjoying a cup of tea post-treatment before getting ready to return to your busy day.

VERTIFLOAT By Beauty on Rose Essendon Melbourne


The full-body Aqualiner with floatation cushion is your cocoon in this advanced compression therapy that is one of a kind.

VertiFloat is designed to maximize your relaxation potential by means of water compression and zero-impact floatation. By stepping into the fully sealed, contaminant-free Aqualiner, you can pamper yourself with an array of treatments that enhance that luxury spa sensation. Cover your body with muds, seaweeds, moisturizers or medicinal fusions – add liquids such as sea or spring water.
VertiFloat is simply the most flexible and hygienic float tank available.

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