Life can be fast-paced, overwhelming and stressful at times. We understand these demands and the impact they can have, which is why we stand strong in our promise to help you take a moment of stillness, to replenish and recharge.

Our Mission: To help you THRIVE


Indulgent spa rituals to nourish, nurture and replenish your vitality. Our beautiful body scrubs, wraps, water therapies and signature steam rituals all deliver a moment of calm so you can to deeply replenish.

Enjoy our signature Deluxe Rose Manicure and Deluxe Rose Pedicure together, paired with a glass of champagne to completely indulge yourself.

DURATION:  110mins | $179


Stimulate your senses with our signature Sugar Scrub to exfoliate and smooth the skin from head to toe. Followed by intense hydration with our nourishing organic coconut balm, your skin will be glowing and silky smooth!

DURATION:  35mins | $99


Revive your whole body in one treatment. Relaxing and restoring, this invigorating dry body brush will stimulate blood circulation and smooth the skin. Followed by an exfoliating salt scrub to polish the skin and banish blocked pores & flaky skin.

DURATION:  40mins | $139


Surrender your stress to the tranquillity of healing waters and feel your tension melt away in the privacy of your steam room. A sensory full-body exfoliation will smooth the skin before being cocooned in a full-body mud masque where you can relax with our signature scalp massage, a nurturing steam infusion, and a Vichy rain shower. Your skin will be deeply hydrated with a radiant glow.

TOTAL:  55mins | $159


Surrender to a total body experience in the privacy of your very own steam oasis! A full body exfoliation using our exclusive sensory journey will smooth and soften your skin followed by a detoxifying body mask that will leave your skin feeling Sublime! We finish your treatment with a heavenly scalp massage using our nourishing hair treatment all whilst the warmth of the steam aids in deep purification and the ultimate relaxation.

TOTAL:  60mins | $199


An indulgent sensory journey designed to bring peace, balance and calm to the body and mind. This decadent head to toe ritual lets the energy of organic aromatherapy oil tret your body and senses to an utterly dreamy spa experience, encapsulating ancient beauty traditions and luxurious massage techniques to induce deep relaxation and inner wellness.

DURATION:  90mins | $249



A selection of our most loved facial treatments, paired with a deeply relaxing massage. You'll be asleep on the bed in no time.

Relax with this deep cleansing facial, designed to nourish and hydrate the skin. A customised mask accelerates results, whilst a relaxing neck and shoulder massage makes this the perfect pick-me-up!

TOTAL:  30mins | $99


Embrace the bliss with this nourishing facial that combines a deep cleanse, exfoliation, antioxidant serums and custom sheet mask. Perfect to help combat ageing and deliver deep hydration for a youthful glow. Additionally, a relaxing neck and shoulder massage make this the ideal self-care treat.

DURATION:  30mins | $139


The ultimate facial experience to effectively combat the signs of ageing whilst delivering maximum relaxation. The skin is deeply cleansed, exfoliated and nourished with hydrating serums and antioxidants, while you surrender your stress to our relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

DURATION:  50mins | $169



Our collection of luxurious spa experiences can be performed alone, shared with a loved one or a group of friends. The ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

Relax Massage | Hydration Facial

Complete body rejuvenation at its best, our signature package is a fan favourite that combines our relax massage with a deeply nourishing facial therapy. Choose from the perfect blend of 45mins each or customise the package to suit your needs by designing how you would like to spend your time.

DURATION:  1.5hrs | $199


Heal your body and improve your vitality with this total-body overhaul. Perfect to recharge a tired, depleted, and stressed body, the powers of float therapy will provide rest to your body, equivalent to an 8hr deep sleep. Supercharging this wellbeing experience is the inclusion of full-body LED, where the healing properties of the light combat fatigue, reduce inflammation, release muscle tension, and calm the nervous system.

DURATION:  1.75hrs | $199


Enjoy a moment of calm with this total-body indulgence. Your experience begins with an enriching coconut body scrub before a healing mud mask is applied. Cocooned in comfort, your stress melts away as the warm steam infuses your body and you surrender to a relaxing scalp massage as a prelude to your customised full-body aromatherapy massage.

DURATION:  2hrs | $299


Immerse into the tranquil waters of your private float, allowing your body to rest and refuel with energy - it’s like having 8hrs of deep sleep. This is followed by an aromatic full body massage for total bliss before the age defying facial deeply hydrates, tones, and treats any skin concerns you may have. This decadent indulgence is completed with our famous Deluxe Rose Pedicure and glass of bubbles!

DURATION: 3.5hrs | $395


A powerful mind and body immersion that will leave every inch of you feeling relaxed, hydrated, pampered, and revitalised. The therapeutic warmth of the infrared sauna will start the healing process for your body, before our spa therapists work their magic, cocooning you from head to toe with luxurious rituals that will see you surrender all your stress, elevate your wellbeing and leave you glowing from head to toe.

DURATION:  4.5hrs | $479



A collection of massage therapies to de-stress, revitalise and recharge tired, stressed bodies. Perfect for deep relaxation, improved sleep and stress management.

Melt your stress away with this nurturing full body aromatherapy massage. Unwind as your therapist works their magic, releasing muscle tension and re-aligning your body. Perfect for those looking for a deep relaxation and a moment of solitude.

DURATION:  60mins | $120

DURATION:  90mins | $175


This cure-all massage combines the warming properties of peppermint and clove essential oils with a deep pressure massage. Tailored to your needs, the combination of trigger point pressure and stretching will release muscle tension and ease aches and pain.

DURATION:  60mins | $130

DURATION:  90mins | $185


Take a moment to nourish your body and ease muscle tension with this deluxe full body massage. Designed specifically to meet the needs of pregnant women by relieving muscular aches, soothing joint pain, and improving mobility. This massage is nurturing, safe, and deeply relaxing.

DURATION:  60mins | $120


Surrender your stress with this warming full-body therapeutic massage. Our signature blend of aromatherapy oil and warm stones glide smoothly over your body, releasing muscle tightness by focussing on specific areas of tension. A deeply relaxing massage to rejuvenate a tired, stressed body.

TOTAL:  60mins | $145


Massage Packages

Have a lot of stress & tension across your neck, shoulders & body? If yes, then this package is for you. The heat from the sauna will loosen up your muscles and promote circulation, and finally, the massage will leave you feeling like putty.

TOTAL:  90mins | $139


Are you an overthinker? Allow time to be still in our sensory deprivation flotation tank. Your mind will already be switched off when you go into the massage. Try not to drift off whilst our masseuse works their way through your tension.

TOTAL:  110mins | $159


Feeling run down and lethargic? This is a full-body pick me up! Not only will you feel relaxed from the massage, but your whole body will be vibrating from the energy of LED light therapy.

DURATION:  90mins | $199



Float Therapy

Bor Float
  • 1 x Session | $79
  • 3 x Sessions | $199
  • 6 x Sessions | $369

Infrared Sauna Therapy

  • 1 x Session | $55
  • 3 x Sessions | $149
  • 6 x Sessions | $269

LED Light Bed

Img 0759
  • 1 x Session | $129
  • 3 x Sessions | $315
  • 6 x Sessions | $549
  • Boost Phase 3 x Sessions (7 days) | $249