Clearing Complex 30ml


If you suffer the misery of spotty, excessively oily or impure skin, you will no doubt have tried a myriad of cosmetic treatments with the hope of finding that magic “clear skin” solution only to find that the “cure was worse than the disease”.

Clearing Complex is a revolutionary, natural and non-traumatic solution that treats problematic skin without drying, damaging or upsetting the natural balance. Clearing Complex works fast to deliver the results you want – within hours of application, you will see a calmer and less-angry looking complexion. In less than 8 weeks a cleaner, clearer, less-shiny and healthier looking skin will be revealed with smaller looking pores and less visible imperfection. Little wonder skin care experts across Australia and New Zealand are enthusiastically embracing the Clearing Complex gentle approach to clean, clear beautiful looking skin.

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