Cosmelan peeling is possibly the most efficient lightening, pigmentation correcting therapies currently available, sitting amongst the worlds top best selling depigmentation peels. Anyone concerned with pigmentation, melasma, sun damage and hyperpigmentation caused from Acne can benefit from Cosmelan. It is safe to be performed at any time of year, on new or stubborn pigment deposits, all ages and skin colours. It works to eliminate hyperpigmentation while regulating the over production of melanin released by your melanocytes, working hand in hand with the use of Cosmelan treatment cream which will be utilsed within your homecare.

Cosmetic Injector Essendon

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  • Removes dark spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Effective in the treatment of melasma and chloasma
  • Removes sunspots
  • Minimal pain and quick results
  • Gentle enough for all skin types


What does the treatment involve?

Cosmelan peeling is a treatment that involves a single session and a home maintenance program. The session involves a professionally applied facial mask (Cosmelan 1) which is then left to work for approximately 8-12 hours depending on the skin in question. Minor itching or stinging sensations and tightness may be felt. After this time is complete, the mask is removed at home (rinsed off in the shower).

48 hours post treatment, the follow up step of your homecare will commence with the application of the Cosmelan 2, hydra vital factor K cream and the moisturising sun protection. This step will be continued daily for 7 months to achieve optimal results and prevent the recurrence of dark spots.

How long does the treatment last?

If you utilise the Cosmelan 2 cream ongoing within your homecare, you will maintain the results permanently. In some cases where the pigmentation is deep the treatment may need to be repeated – however, after the first treatment the pigmentation will be much lighter.

What happens after my treatment?

Your skin will be pink and have a tightened feeling post treatment for 3-4 days. Mild to moderate shedding of the skin can be experienced for up to one week. It is imperative to wear sunscreen daily and reduce exposure to sunlight.