You deserve to feel great, so whether it’s brows, lashes, nails, tanning, laser or waxing, we have you covered. Discover the divine Beauty On Rose hand and feet treatments for yourself or share it with friends. Enrich your manicure and pedicure treatments with the FIRST CLASS style.

Experience luxurious pampering pleasure in extreme comfort with our complete nail care and Signature Beauty On Rose Hand and Feet Treatments.

hand therapy

This beautiful therapeutic treatment begins with a hand exfoliation to unveil fresher, softer skin. Feel all fatigue drift away while an aromatic cream is massaged soothingly into your silky skin. Then enjoy a warm paraffin infusion to hydrate and repair your hands. Treatment includes cuticle work and finishes with your choice of a professional quality polish.

TOTAL:  50mins |  $70


Freshly file your nails, tidy and change the colour of your polish. A great quick fix for in between manicure treatments.

TOTAL:  20mins |  $30


A detailed manicure designed for those seeking a comprehensive express treatment. Finished to perfection with a polish of your choice.

TOTAL:  40mins  |  $58


  • French Polish | $12
  • Shellac Polish | $30
  • French Shellac Polish  | $35
  • Shellac Removal  | $30



  • File and Polish| $60
  • French File and Polish| $75
  • Soak-off & Reapply Shellac| $75



foot therapy

Experience divine pampering pleasure with our luxurious Feet Retreat. Combining the exclusive deluxe Rose Pedicure with a soul-enriching warm stone foot massage and luxurious paraffin therapy to rejuvenate soul to sole. Soak, scrub, massage, clip, file, blade, paraffin, buff, and polish in extreme comfort.

TOTAL:  70mins  |  $150


Freshly file your nails, tidy and change the colour of your polish. A great quick fix for in between pedicure treatments.

TOTAL:  20mins | $38


Where “medi meets pedi “!

Footlogix™ recognized the need for pharmaceutical grade skincare products for the feet – products dedicated to conditions of the feet in order to maintain healthy, happy, well cared for feet. They created not only a foot care product line but in fact, a ‘pediceutical’  treatment, specifically developed to address a variety of skin and nail conditions.

TOTAL:  40mins | $99


Indulge in our iconic deluxe pedicure and deliver the ultimate restoration therapy to tired, aching feet. Cleansed with a gentle sugar scrub feet are thoroughly tidied before being pampered with a heavenly massage that soothes the soles. A luxurious paraffin bath deeply hydrates and repairs damaged skin before completing the treatment with colour application of your choice.

TOTAL:  60mins  |  $99


This restorative treatment is the perfect remedy for tired, worn feet as it integrates a unique therapeutic pedicure peel to specifically target dry cracked heels. Indulge in a soothing foot massage before immersing your tired feet into a warm paraffin infusion to soften and rehydrate. Complete nail care is provided before concluding your journey with a polish application of your choice. Discover this divine treatment for yourself or share it with friends.

TOTAL:  60mins  |  $129


Enjoy our Signature Deluxe Rose Manicure and Deluxe Rose Pedicure together, paired with a glass of champagne to completely indulge yourself.

DURATION:  110mins | $179



Visit our tanning studio where we are dedicated to delivering amazing results and allowing you the flexibility to choose your brand and your tan to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

No two skins are ever alike so have your tan personalised to deliver a natural radiant glow. Allow our highly skilled therapists to assess your skin and correctly customise a tanning blend to maximise your results.

A traditional overnight tan providing a subtle hint of colour that leaves you with a natural looking fresh, healthy glow all over.

TOTAL |  $48


A fast-developing tan that allows you to be sun-kissed FAST with minimal downtime. Perfect for special occasions and events. Develops in 1-2 hours.

TOTAL |  $58


hair removal

We use professional-grade wax to ensure effective and thorough hair removal while delivering anti-inflammatory and superior skin conditioning ingredients to the skin.

At Beauty on Rose, we provide you with the most professional, hygienic and precision waxing methods available. Our therapists are qualified and experienced waxing professionals that regularly receive on-going training to ensure your hair removal results are second-to-none. We guarantee it! 

We use professional-grade wax to ensure effective and thorough hair removal while delivering anti-inflammatory and superior skin conditioning ingredients to the skin.



Laser hair removal offers a practical, durable and cost-effective treatment solution for both men and women.

Whilst laser hair removal is popular among women, the demand for the treatment among men is ever-increasing. Laser hair removal continues to be the number one requested energy-based aesthetic treatment.

Only using medical grade FDA & TGA approved Candela GentleMax Pro system, which is the most advanced and effective laser for hair removal in the world.

The Candela GentleLase Pro system is a 755 nm alexandrite laser, which can treat a wide range of skin types. Although it can be used for a variety of skin conditions, its main application is for laser hair removal. It does so by destroying the hair follicle rather than simply weakening it (which is what happens with other hair removal methods such as waxing and IPL/Diode treatments). Fast, effective and safe results mean that permanent hair removal is achievable using our world class laser.



SINGLE SESSIONS                                                             Waxing                                Laser    

Eyebrow Tidy                                                                                                  $22                                           -

Eyebrow Sculpt                                                                                              $33                                           -

Lip                                                                                          $16                                         $39        

Chin                                                                                       $16                                         $39        

Lip & Chin                                                                            $27                                         $69        

Sides of Face                                                                      $25                                         $49        

Face (3 areas)                                                                                                $38                                           -

Nipple                                                                                   $20                                         $39        

Stomach                                                                               $24                                         $59        

Underarm                                                                           $26                                         $59        

Half Arm                                                                              $31                                         $79        

Full Arm                                                                               $31                                         $109      

Half Leg                                                                                $39                                         $99        

¾ Leg                                                                                     $48                                         $129      

Full Leg                                                                                 $55                                         $139      

Bikini                                                                                     $28                                         $59        

G String Bikini                                                                    $45                                         $89        

Brazilian                                                                               $60                                         $129                      

Buttocks                                                                               $20                                         $59        


VALUE BUNDLES                                                                                              Waxing                                             Laser                    

Lip & Chin.                                                                                                      $27                                                 $69              

Lip & Brow Wax                                                                                            $36                                                   -

Face (3 areas)                                                                                                      $42                                                   -

Face (4 areas)                                                                                                      $49                                                   -

½ Leg & Brazilian                                                                                          $83                                                $199      

½ Leg, Brazilian & Underarm                                                                      $95                                                $229      

Full Leg, Bikini & Underarm                                                                          $83                                                $229      

Full Leg & G String Bikini                                                                              $90                                                $269      

Full Leg & Brazilian                                                                                      $100                                              $299                      

Full Body Female (excluding face)                                                                    -                                                     $499    

Full Body Male (excluding face)                                                                          -                                                     $549      


MALES.                                                                                                              Waxing                                             Laser               

Full Back or Chest & Shoulders                                                                  $49                                                $199      

Shoulders                                                                                                      $24                                                 $69        

Neck                                                                                                              $24                                                 $59        

Nostril                                                                                                                $16                                                    -

Ears                                                                                                                $16                                                 $39        

Legs                                                                                                                $55                                                $169




Our Brow Artists are trained to create unique brows to complement your individual facial bone structure. No two faces are the same so all our brow designs are bespoke. Luxe up your look with on-point brows. 

Eyebrow Tidy:  $22

Eyebrow Sculpt:  $33



Includes personal consultation, brow mapping, wax, trim, tweeze, style and finished off with brow penciling.

TOTAL:  30mins  | $49


Our signature brow service. Leave with knock-out brows. Every time. Includes personal consultation, brow mapping, wax, trim, tweeze, style, henna, a bonus Lash Tint and finished off with brow penciling.

TOTAL:  50mins | $89



Eyebrow Tint - $24

Eyebrow Dye - $36

Eyebrow Henna - $55




For longer, curvier, darker natural lashes

If you are on a quest for longer, curvier and fuller looking lashes but don’t want to wear eyelash extensions, then our Lash Lift treatment is for you. In one simple appointment the Lash Lift will curl even the straightest lashes and make your eyes appear brighter and bigger.                                                     

Lash Lift                                                                               $95                       

Lash Lift & Tint                                                                   $115       


Create longer, thicker lashes with a professional application of silk lash extensions to enhance your eyes and eliminate the need for mascara.

  • Classic Extensions
    • Natural Set (1 silk lash onto 1 natural lash):  $160
  • Hybrid Extensions
    • Natural Set (mixture of 1 silk lash onto 1 natural lash and 2-4 silk lash fans onto 1 natural lash):  $190 
    • Full Set (mixture of 1 silk lash onto 1 natural lash and 4-6 silk lash fans onto 1 natural lash):  $230                     
  • Russian Extensions
    • Natural Set (2-4 silk lashes onto 1 natural lash):  $220
    • Full Set (4-6 silk lashes onto 1 natural lash):  $280
    • Glamour Set (7+ silk lashes onto 1 natural lash):  $340              
  • Lash Refills                                                                POA       
  • Lash Extension Removals                                        $55


  • Lash Tint                                                                  $30                        
  • Lash & Brow Tint                                                     $48



Luxe up your look with lashes. Choose from our amazing selection, from the most natural to the truly eye-catching.

TOTAL  |  $25


Take the stress out of event preparation by allowing our professional make-up artists to create a stunning, unique look just for you.

TOTAL |  $80 


Redeemable on any Bodyography Makeup purchase on the day. We work with you to perfect your individual make-up style and show you how to master it yourself with confidence. In a private one on one makeup lesson.


Take the stress out of your special day with one of our tailored bridal packages.